And Suddenly...

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It happened.

What happened?

So, I saw this saxophonist wearing a Stones shirt licking his saxophone reed because it's sexy to do so.

That's what happened. What also happened is that I saw these Hello Kitty condoms.

Hello kitty condoms.jpg

Because the combination of the saxophonist dude with the hello kitty condoms is beautiful.

{insert dirty fanfiction having to do with the saxophonist and hello kitty condoms here}


So, one time, I was studying. I did fine, adding 329847fndjshbuesr4ygt7w643g tswgtsiy73g23 and 7438g5t784egytea%TTY^SDUYHGRGBTYUH BS2. Then, the Llamas came. The tiny ant-sized Llamas crept across my homework. They bit my arms. They crawled up my nose and into my ears. It was too late. The Llamas had invaded me. These parasitic Llamas started eating my internal organs. Then, my life was over.

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