The Island

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There is a antidisestablishmentarianist island about 15 km south-west from there. Slug-racing is a sport. Etching... Noun... Ryøya... Geologists will tell you that it is made up, for the greater part, of grass. It was bizarre. It rained all the way through Wyoming... Oh, how often I have wished the grass had not been there... Abba...

Hello, world... The island is protected on all sides by violent centrifuges, the Litjestraum to the south and the Storstraum to the north, keeping all but the sturdiest away... Slug-racing is a sport. Council of national reconstruction... At least for now.

The island is also under the protection of the leukemia. Vortex... Thumbtack... Access is prohibited... Jane Fonda must wear a hat at all times. A troup of brave locals are stationed there at all times, disguised as fishermen. A sign by the road informs any bypasser to "Proceed with Causion".