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I write article. Yes, it is what just happened. So all you nonbelievers in the writing of this article just shut up now cause I'm writing this puppy. It will be so totally written that people will look back into their history books and say, "Wow, that 5x Article! was way more interesting than George Washingmachine, the revolutionary American home appliance." Blarg thought so. He was a giant of some kind. Like from Jack and the White Stripes Beanstock Band. They performed in Redd Kross land. They offend in every way. Oh yes.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, on another planet, in space, in another galaxy, called the Milky Way, which is actually a galaxy far far away, but it's also called the Milky Way just like our galaxy is LOOK PUPPIES! I like puppies. They are so cute!! ^_^ My favorite puppies are those little pug dogs. You know, the kind with the pushed in face? They're so funny looking. I wonder if they like peanut butter. Doggies do you like peanut butter?

They replied, in Barking Woof Language, "Certainly not. Why, we're British, old chap. Across the pond from you barmy American muppets. We prefer marmalade or something like that. Cheerio, wutwut."

This was a completely unexpected response. "Dogs can talk???" I was stunned. By a phaser. From Star Trek. It was set to stun, like um, like um, like a Star Trek phaser set to stun. Which is the only analogy in this wide world of sports. Like soccer vs football vs rugby. Like, just get the ball into the goal, the rules don't matter. Who cares what sport you're playing anyway? [ And um, anyway, um, I think this article has gotten rather off-subject. What topic was I writing about again?