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Bitch is a term used to describe female dogs, your mother and bitches. Saying the work bitch really loudly in your mothers house is an awesome way to get kicked up the rear or brutally stabbed with chopsticks.

Am I a bitch? A 2 minute quiz[edit]

  • Do you think it is funny when others stumble down stairs carrying a ming vase?
  • Do you take Gillards actions with a figurative blade and Kevin Rudd's back as inspiring?
  • Do you support Gillard?
  • Do you support the other guy?
  • Do you think being able to down half a bottle of vodka in one go is a sign of superior intelligence?
  • Are you better than me?

If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations! You qualify as a professional lion trainer!

Lion trainers are cool[edit]

“Lion trainers are cool!”

~ The 11th Doctor

Are they trainers you wear that resemble lions?

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