Blind Men and the Elephant

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The Blind Men and the Elephant was the original (untranslated) title of an ancient poem originally written in Engrish at the hieght of the Great Underground Empire. Modern archeologists rediscovered this masterpiece one day on a forgotten Engrish professor's web site (which according to the site's counter, was about the first and only hit the page ever got since it was last updated about thirty years ago) and the verses were l83r translated into our modern 1337 so that the people could read it in their own language.

Ther wuz 6 n00bs from Newgrounds[edit]

Ther wuz 6 n00bs from Newgrounds
who complained and fussed and whined
Till haxx0rs rlsed a movie
that was rather hard to find
Teh 1st n00b DLed the mvoie
But found to his dismay
He had all the wrong codecs
So the movie wouldn't play
Teh 2nd n00b found a tracker
But his DL did not succeed
Teh torrent wuz abandoned
It didn't have a seed
ha ha PWNED!!
Teh 3rd n00b watched the trailer
With a battle set in space
Said he
"Will the hero manage
getting to first base?"
doubt it
Teh 4th n00b found an fserve
Run by a guy named Stan
Who put the film on IRC
But kicked him from the chan
pwned again, n00bs!!
Teh 5th n00b knew Japanese
and entered in the race
to flood the Net with subtitles
that belong to all your base
FF7AC fan translations suk
The 6th n00b found a hi-rez rip
Just out of sheer luck
But after watching the 4-hour film
Declared that: "Movies suck!"
So next time a new film comes out
And you think it might be neat
Just buy a MOVIE TICKET!!
and look for gum under the seat.