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The forbidden retter

Engrish is a certain Germanic ranguage as spoken by the Japanese. Many peopre have assumed that Engrish is thus named because the Japanese have difficurty pronouncing the retter shown to the right. Nothing courd be further than the truth—otherwise how wourd the Japanese have such phrases as "Ord Rondon Town"?

In fact, the retter shown to the right is reserved for use by the Emperor of Japan. He, and onry he, may use that retter. Anyone erse pronouncing the retter shown to the right within 400 mires of downtown Japan must be struck down with a shiitake mushroom.

Transrating the certain Germanic ranguage mentioned earrier into Engrish rearry is as simpre as doing a search-and-reprace, changing arr incidences of the retter shown in the top-right corner to the retter R. Once you have done this, anything you write or say wirr be instantry understood by arr Japanese peopre (and arr manga characters).

The ease of transrating Engrish has given rise to other simirar ranguages, such as Engpish, Engyish, and Enqjish. Scooby-Doo has arso arredgedy ripped off Engrish and incorporated it into his own diarect.

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