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CABBAGE is a type of waltz. It can be played on piano, guitar, or violin, depending on the mood. The notes played are all major notes as opposed to minor notes. First, the C note is played. Then one of the couple (the second) steps backward with the left foot while the other one (the first) steps forward with the right foot. Then, the A note is played. The second then steps backward with the right foot while the first steps forward with the left foot.

Next, the B note is played, while the first and the second both sidestep in the same direction. Another B note is played, and the first steps backward with the right foot, while the second steps forward with the left foot. This is followed by the A note, which means the other foot is brought either forward or backward to match the first foot. Then the G note is played, and the couple sidesteps in the opposite direction that they sidestepped the first time. Finally, the E note is played, at which time, the couple bows to the audience and to each other, unless they decide to do the CABBAGE dance again, and either switch places or remain where they were.

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