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Racism is always funny until it affects white people.

A camelid is a creature that lives symbiotically with camels. Camels don't have eyelids, so they perform the function for them in exchange for telepathic camel nutrients from the 6th dimension.

[23:13] <Belch> It's like zazen with a cold beverage.
[23:15] <@Athyria> I don't understand.
[23:15] * Belch strokes the Madness with a pheasant quill
[23:15] <Belch> It's like that, in that it makes little to no sense.
[23:17] <Belch> When you look between the cracks that separate the sense from itself at intervals, you see that there are little strips of brightness in the madness. Not the Madness, but madness generally.
[23:17] <Belch> This is the triumph of the will which Adolf Hitler was too bat shit crazy to see.
[23:18] <Belch> ... but he took lots of bad drugs.

climate etsicusse[edit]

Keep going until you see the red sign for Frodo. Take four of the big, orange pills and proceed with caution through the gate, across the levee and down into the swill pit.

  • Archaeological Elementalism
  • Biochemical Thaumaturgy
  • Biological Evocation
  • Esoteric Geology
  • Forensic Demonology
  • Magic Seismologiy
  • Mechanical Alchemy
  • Molecular Abjuration
  • Occult Statistics
  • Sorcerous Epidemiology