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THE choices of candy put people on edge.

Candy is an often sonk-like substance that drives kids crazy. It also is an enemy of many plump adults who are seeking to lose weight.

Loaded with sugar, candy is a child's best friend. A friend they will die for. You can use this insane passion for sugar to your advantage, by bribing them to do things to difficult or dangerous things for you by simply offering them a Little Debbie Snack Cake or other such product. With that in mind, you better set of and get your kids to rob a bank for you immediately, before you forgot what you are reading.

One of the advantages of candy besides its addictive properties is the variety of it all. You want chocolate? Pick up one of the thousands of chocolate based candies. Want some lollipops? Just drop by the local candy shop. Want candy that tastes strangely like paste? Get some jelly beans. The numerous breeds of candy can satisfy even the most grumpy guss.

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