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Eeble soap?


Sonk is the entity often eebled but never sjinked. It can be described as a purpley-orangey-greyish mass of glob that mumbles excitedly about world domination and produces meat somewhat reminiscent of the zebu.

My domination of the world is at hand!

—Sonk, in its very own glob person thingy

Eating this meat will grant one infinite wisdom and tons of sense. A true culinary sensation, it is of great interest to vegetables.

Go on, do it and join The Glob Choir with the rest of us! There, we will spend eternity sonking and globbing and globbing and sonking with our glorious, fearless sonk leader! Just you watch as we take over the wo-ooglglbl glob glob.

An alternate definition[edit | edit source]

Evidence of sonk's plans resonate far and wide.

Sonk is actually benevolent and would never think of taking over the world! Truly. Okay, the Sonk would take over the world if it could, but it would do it for totally benevolent reasons. Honest.

From there, it naturally follows that as the sonk is not evil, neither is the eeble sonk. Claiming so is unforgivable blasphemy at best. Therefore, disregard the previous statement. It was never made. Any lucid mind would realize so in an instant.

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