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Work is time spent recovering from periods of rest and masturbation. Many people find working to be more displeasing than not-working, even though work tends to result in money and not-working ... not-so-much.

Work's humble beginnings are found in survival. In olden times, and times of yore, working was synonymous with living, whether it was sharpening a rock for toolification or killing some kind of animal for food or screwing for future generations. All activities were work.

Last year, scientists living in the heart of Volcano Island Mountain developed a technique called not-working. Weeks of nay-saying and constant complaints of laziness followed before, finally, in the monumental "Book of Things" was written that there can be not-working "provided all participating parties are agreed to not work".

After a twelve minute uproar, riotous marches down Wall Street, not-working was heralded a success.

And so was working!