Caw-caw bird

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~ The caw-caw bird

The caw-caw bird is a holy bird warshipped by the caw-caw tribe, one of the naked tribes in northest parts of Canada, although below the Antarctic Circle. The bird itself lives in the outskirts of planet Earth. Despite its name the bird caws only once in a row, not twice. In a column the caw-caw bird may caw more than two times, but never three. It never shouts, but tends to whistle instead when every last human being passes out from illegitimate consumptions of horseshoes.


The caw-caw bird is shaped by a pie that tastes like a pie. Waltzing between the caw-caw bird and the aforementioned pie is not recommended by the Principality of Andorra, but other dances exclusing breakdance are strictly prohibited by the witch doctors of the caw-caw tribe, since they want it all for themselves to stomp their feet with. Feeding the caw-caw bird with any other kind of food than popes is frowned upon. It has four legs: one for picking its nostrils, one for crapping hold of oneself and the other third for satisfactory poohsticks experience.

Close relativists[edit]

The caw-caw bird is closely related to the vitutiti bird, which lives in the northest parts of Japan.