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“I'm Heraclitus and I approve this message.”

~ Heraclitus on Change

Change, also known as Δ or DELTA is an absolute nonmodifiable constant law of Universe Physics which states that absolutely everything everywhere is immutable and nothing can ever move.

“Hmm, change is actually not change because nothing can ever move? OK well in that case, I'm Parmenides and I approve this message.”

~ Parmenides on Change

“Get the hell out of my campaign commercial, you gaytarded Pre-Socratic Greek philosophers!”

~ Barack Obama on Change

Initial state[edit]

X isn't that way.


X becomes turning into more like approaching change toward the transformation into modifying itself for the betterment of the quality of evolving into a metamorphosis making X increasingly employ the process of altering itself to more restyle its component parts to conform to the configuration of switching itself around for the purpose of refining itself to better meet the goal of mutating into developing the quality of having the property of possessing a perfect resemblance to being exactly like holding the feature of exhibiting properties perfectly congruent to an existence taking after that of showing the aspect of conformance to a model neatly affirming the truth of the proposition that X has the trait of maintaining all the marks of exhibiting the character of being that way.


X is that way.

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