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A black version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Zoomed out version of the above. Oh my.

Barack Obama, also known as Barack Osama (stupid terrorist) is the elected 44th President of Super America[1] after it was deemed he was too superior for America[2]. Barack not only made history in being the first black president[3], all previous presidents being dead, he was also given complimentary chocolate mints, a pack of popcorn and a can of lobster bisque soup[4] - to try and cover up the fact that Super America has no friends and no power in the world[5]. Obama's administration took out Bin Laden in 2011, with the tactic of telling the infamous terrorist that "you can stop hiding now, you won the game" proving successful.

His best friend is the Cuban rapper Pitbull, aka his best man at Michele's Transgender sex change surgery.

Technically, Super America's just an office above an English pub in Chicago.

One day Barack Obama stole a banana, then he met the dalai lama. The dalai lama explained about karma, gave him a llama and made him return the banana back to the banana farmer called Osama. Barack Obama gave back the banana, ate the lama, then watched futurama.

He's making some nice changes though. Apparently he just got in a new arcade machine[6].


“It's the truth!”

~ Obama about this article.

“Change! Yes we can!”

“Barack HUSSEIN Obama, More like Barack INSANE Obama!”

~ Mitt Romney on Obama

Omaba's Last Name[edit]

One of the major debates of the last month plus or minus 28 to 31 days is what obamas last name is. Some people say it is Omaba, or Barack, or Carl, but we all know that it is cares, right?


  1. No-one knows what happened to the first 42. The last president was George Hamburg, though, I know that one.
  2. Leaving John McCain to rule as super dictator, mwahahahahaha!... of McDonald's. Well, it's only active retirement!
  3. Although this is disputed, as some say George Hamburg was too cool to be white
  4. To be left in the White House cupboard forever. It's only white because they couldn't afford a better colour, though.
  5. That's a lie, they have some high-voltage batteries somewhere there!
  6. It was crappy Space Invaders though, when it could have been Pac Man. Is that an allegory? We'll have to see...

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