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It is scandalous that Illogicopedia has not yet have an art-tickle about chaos. Maybe I can be of assistance!


Egjrog ogrjoiwgj weiguhiewg w grkpoerhkp keporh ejhreuh erheher. Jreoijre rehgerher erhjohre jiher ierjhoehteteerh!
Khpieth 0439 ejok rhgowgjwori wphorwhrw hdsuhdgsogdsi krhjerh pjrorjeh? Krhjreohjreoh ijhreohje! Jkjheohet...
Jgpgk wjgworhgowr hwwwopiur rijhroh! H rwg piwjroiwrj qwpokr pe jgpgjwe iojweiogjiewj ijjijio... Jgoirw?

That's all you'll get, Illogicopedia. You shamefully orderly and logical pedia, you.

Just kidding![edit]

Chaos is a sandwich made by a total of five cooks. The first cook believes the sandwich to be alive and has an uncontrollable desire to kill it where it stands. The second cook is never satisfied with the sandwich and keeps on changing it. The third cook unleashed an army of bacteria on the sandwich to stop the second cook from changing it all the time. The fourth cook loves the sandwich and has a very intimate relationship with it. The fifth cook is actually the sandwich, but instead of trying to make itself, it tries desperately to eat itself.

Ocean too[edit]