Cheesy clones

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Um, I guess this counts as an image. It'll just about do for now, I'll change it later.
Not to be confused with Chessy Clowns.

Header 1: [Area in which to extol the virtues of Cheesy Clones]

[subheader]: Insert large picture when I come down off this tree.

Header 3, since 2 was banished due to extreme violation of the Subedicts of Kronsforthe, involving not five, but eighteen lower-ranked varieties of globule-enforced, carbon-ratified, six-speed sprocket Roquefort, to wit: Bark-flavored, beansprout-infused fat-optional Brie, Lemon-arched standard Muenster, Nefertiti-titty eros-optional Gouda, and a wholloping Hardblaise (not possibly including the other one--yes, it's maroon). All claims to the contrary, this violation withstands YOUR violation ninefold, therefore forthwith and withal:

(Area in which to expound upon the dubious claims to distinction of Cheesy Clones)

Now then, a-hem:

Give me five.

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