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An article is deemed a total C-Lassic.

Classic articles are articles rated 'C', whatever that means, by Lassic, mad perfectly sensibe ruler of Palma.

While sometimes accused of having his head (along with all else) in the clouds, raising taxes (how could that be a problem?), killing people (according to some clearly biased people) and various other things not fully appreciated by people at large for some reason or another (shame on you!), his ratings of Illogicopedia articles are nonetheless widely recognized for their quality, and so are termed "Classic", for short. Indeed, these articles so rated have come to attain terrific fame through their excellent promotion.

Classics include such masterpieces as nothing. Not to be confused with anything.


There are several points of controversy regarding "classic articles". Among them are:

  • The article contains several false claims, such as everything directly concerning the subject matter.[1]
  • The picture is a badly gimped fake.
  • The above sentence is false.
  • All of the above as well as this is false.

But as some of the above is inherently logically unsound, and as all of the criticism comes from the same source, of course none of it is to be taken seriously. Unless you're taking a course in taking things seriously, in which case you might need the practice.