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Error Message - Osama.png

We're scared![edit | edit source]

An artist's impression of future terrorist methods

How do I shot tourists?

This is Al-Jazeera News. Bow down before our autonomous terrifying totally unbiased news reports!

Headline from Al-Jazeera[edit | edit source]

Wal-Mart alarms suppliers with net procurement plans[edit | edit source]

Those filthy terrorists! Let's burn an effigy of Wal-Mart! Does anyone have a full-scale plushie effigy of a Wal-Mart supermarket?


Thanks Ted. I mean Kohbar. Can I just ask why you had this in your pocket?

And now onto our culture section, with Shilpa Shetty.

Mr. T dominating the earth through fear with rad dance moves

BURN CULTURE![edit | edit source]

Dominance through fear![edit | edit source]

Lol lol lol![edit | edit source]

Allahu akhbar![edit | edit source]

Ayatollah![edit | edit source]

Dirka Dirka! Mangetout! Va va voom!

Here is your typical german terrorist falling over. Luckily, the basement broke her fall.

Peace unto the brother.[edit | edit source]


TRIPLE = sign HEADLINE! WOO![edit | edit source]

email me now at jihad@america.com