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“I'm so hot for you, I'm so hot for you, I'm so hot for you and you're so cold!”

~ Mick Jagger on Cold

Cold is a state of mind that arises from quantum fluctuations such as freezing your ass off. Cold is the opposite of Hot.

Cold Disproved?[edit | edit source]

Hot was disproved a while ago, but the author has no clue if cold is too.

Cold is a State of Mind[edit | edit source]

Professional logicians often dispute this fact, however is has been backed by Obama.

What exactly is meant by "state of mind" is controversial.

It is often argued that the phrase "state of mind" is merely a state of mind.

Cold has been believed to be a strange state of mind because you think differently when your ass is frozen. Al Gore disproves this.

Apparently freezing your ass off is a stage evryone goes through. It's so much fun. Plus, it preserves your food!

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