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Hot is a state of mind that arises from quantum fluctuations such as those produced by the banana the banana. Hypermodular Postcambrianists consider it to have been long disproven by the prolific exponent of their views, Alberto Q. Maraschino, but who takes those people seriously, anyway?

Hot Brought To 'Murica[edit | edit source]

Hot was brought to the United States of Imerica on December 18th, 1963. It was a gift of twenty-seven wise guys from Hrbzsckpkszck who had come to celebrate the birth of Brad Pitt. The American government adopted a foreign policy of using its broad international influence to propagate Hot throughout the world. By 1982, the world was, in the words of Conrad Conway, "Smoking' hot, baby!" However, some other countries described it as "too hot to handle".

Hot is a State of Mind[edit | edit source]

Hypermodular Postcambrianists often dispute this idea, irregardless of its backing by George W. Bush and endorsement by the banana. What exactly is meant by "state of mind" is also controversial. In fact, it is often argued that the phrase "state of mind" is merely a state of mind.

Hot in Literature[edit | edit source]

The most prolific of all Romance novelists, Al Gore has stated that "hot bodies and sweat collided with a fury indescribable" but it was then shown that this statement was false.

The Banana[edit | edit source]

The banana is a magical mystery fruit.

Quantum Fluctuations[edit | edit source]

The banana is still a magical mystery fruit. Do I really need to repeat myself? It's only been 10,000,000 seconds.