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Maybe you were looking for his younger brother, Jonny Greenwood?

“Fucking buy Sparklehorse records!”

~ Colin Greenwood when asked how to be cool.

Colin Greenwood is the only rockstar your parents, especially your mum, would approve of. Sure, he occasionally gets high on cannabis/hemp/marijuana/weed backstage at the Grammy's,[1] but who could possibly ignore an awesomely approachable British guy who is a part of the third greatest British rock band of all time?

“I beg to differ. He switched the red crayons with the green ones and vice versa to get back at me after I did something to him because I was born colour blind!”

“It's called brotherhood, Jonny. Trust me; Andy and I always try to see who's got the better voice.”

Hipster Origins[edit]

Yes, it is proven that Colin is an hipster. AN HIPSTER!


  1. CollieG.jpgThe bloke on the left.

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