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He's got heads on sticks, and YOU'VE got ventriloquists!

“Oh, not this guy again.”

~ Users on Illogicopedia who read the article Radiohead and regretted it.
"I can't close my eye from this audience!"

Thom Yorke is a wicked child. Just look at him! That wicked look on his face says it all. He is not to be trusted at all.

No, he is not a part of that British band that 2+2=5 sadistically babbles on and on and on about, because Thom is too good for them. He can make the sounds of an entire band with that left eye of his.

He hates fame.

And sometimes he likes to wake up sucking a lemon.

Recently, he has separated from his female companion, with whom he was with for 23 years. People mainly speculate that it was due to him working on his band Radiohead's ninth album (WHICH IS TAKING A FREAKING LONG TIME). But few also speculate that such an event was going to happen; just listen to his album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes and you'll see why. Who knows; maybe this well also foreshadow how disappointing the ninth album will be.

Other Names for Thom[edit]

  • The Eraser
  • Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

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