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Did you like that? What? Direct line for all your insurance needs? Did you like that? What? Direct line, Italy, skiing holidays, woah! What? Sestriere, where’s that? Its 175 pounds region milky way, brilliant, half board basic price departure, lets see when do we want? February, no they don’t do that yet, We could get a cheap holiday, but we would have to be pretty lucky. You got enough money on your card? What? (laughter) Where we find your cheapest skiing trip, do you think we could get some insurance off that? Are you writing out everything we say? Just everything I say he is the best person in the world ever Ashley he is writing out everything I say! If I whisper he cant write out everything I say. He's writing out everything I say. Oh I forget which area is which, coursework I hate doing it. Right do you know how to access the school network from home? No cos I wanna access it cos I don’t know which bits I need. What have you written on your arm? He is writing everything I say. Yeah. Why? Do you reckon my thing is big enough?

You will have to find out yourself. You don’t have a monologue, why do you have a monologue? Oh I might have to delete some of my own work. I did send one, I just didn’t send it the other day. If I oh… F*ck! That scared the sh*t out of me, I hate you so much. Yeah I do, I got 2 weeks half term, yeah I got this gap thing 2 weeks before half term, Yeah, I don’t know, I think my parents are still going, if they are going they can pay for somewhere really nice with all the air miles, we can go somewhere well nice, you wanna come skiing? I wont pay for her, he can give you money. Yeah, is he writing for both, everyone? Oh  He (writer) is the best person in the world and I am g*y! Shall I? Shall I say stuff that really incriminates myself? Oh yes! It bl**dy well worked! Right I had to do my geography coursework and I was like, how am I gunna get all my coursework stuff home, and I got it all in that folder! Take me there! I'm getting laid tonight! I'm getting laid tonight! Stop being a b*tch! Oh see what he did there? Oh doesn’t wanna know what he did there! I think we all know what he did there! Whats that from? Do u want me to touch it? Yeah so my brother is gunna come skiing as well and I think he can pay for a bit of it. My mum said I have to take him out for a little bit, but the thing is if we go to America its gunna be really expensive. No cos Aspen's in Colorado, Is Colorado 21 or 18? Depends how strict they are in America! I know and that’s 21 isn't it? I only get away with it in the white lion. We haven't been there in ages, well I haven't. Wanna go there on Sunday? Sunday lunch? Wine bar. What u doing on Friday apparently she is and everyone is all going to the Indian. Oh the pigeon detectives at the marquee! [writer] [writer]!

Pigeon Detectives! [writer]! [writer]! It’s the sort of music you would like, what's that band you thought he would like? We thought you would like them didn’t we? They’re like proper funky stuff you would have liked it! I'm gunna back up into that! I got work tonight and I don’t wanna go, I got to go though, you don’t have to work for like 3 hours at a time late at night! Yeah but she gets extra, bonus! What gesture? Yeah so… yeah exactly, no good. I have! I have, yeah if you get him drunk enough he talks about everything he will, he is f*cking hilarious, there is no secret he wont tell! Nothing! Shhhh! No! cant even remember, I cant actually remember! He just takes photos. Everyone says it’s a proper sh*t hole yeah why? He doesn’t have that many friends! Yeah like Him. I haven't got work until 6:30 then I got work till 9, I want a cleaning job but I cant get one. How? But the problem with a cover is you don’t get work every night! What? Were you a cover? U asked if there are any vacancies? F*ck who is the new cover? Ah his girlfriend isn’t it? He broke up with her. With him, yeah I know, you were the last to know when she up with you! We were just joking, well you’re the last to know, oh yeah surprise! So where you take her out on Sunday? Some restaurant? No Sunday you went to the cinema didn’t you? so where you take her on her birthday? Some restaurant wasn’t it? Apparently in Hartford! What how! Was it like that time in the India? More funny? Cos you’re a harsh b*stard! Hitlina! Do think I can do this? With the suspension? Would your car do that with the suspension? Look at the suspension on in! dumb, bang!

Does your car do this? Woooahhh! He passed didn’t he? Ah right my instructor said her brother took someone and she stalled 13 times on the test and passed! Apparently she was just stalling all the time! Apparently after the examiner just came up and said does she normally let her drive like that? Come on normally one stall and there a bit like that but I mean 13 and I was like woah! Damnit! What the f*ck happened there! I cant get that bl**dy thing! ah just leave them. Apparently He (subject) says ‘he is g*y’! Augh, p*ss off p*ss off p*ss off! You wanna drive us to Oxford? Half term, I went to see this gig in Oxford, this tour of these 4 bands, probably don’t know them, they only formed last month!