Crazy Dubstep Pillow

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The crazy dubstep pillow is a thingy.

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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Crazy Dubstep Pillow. We are sorry they are blatantly retarded.

History[edit | edit source]

Once upon a time, there lived a lowly little normal pillow named Pillowia. Her only purpose was for people to lie on her. She was sad. She wanted to be something more. Then, behold! Someone played some dubstep! She got up and danced around and became a crazy dubstep pillow. She makes sounds like 'wobwobbwobbwob bwob bwob bwob bwob'. She was so happy that then, Pillowia was a living pillow!

Now[edit | edit source]

Pillowia likes cheese. She also likes dragons. She also likes pencils, and herself. She's vain like that.