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Did you mean Cataplasm or Theories of Cataplasm?
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NB. The author of this article would like you to know that he is considerably richer than yow
So hah hah.

“Forget money, cataplasm is the opiate of the masses. Sweet opium... I mean, er, um...”

~ Creepy Priest

Capitalism, not to be confused with cataplasm, is the notion that honey makes the world go round. Invented by a bumblebee, it is a philosophy that essentially states:

You're not having any of my cash, now bog off.

Of primary concern is the use of capital letters in the correct places, though this particular bee was drunk when he wrote his manifesto.

“Bees can write now?”

~ Reader

What, you never knew that? Get with the times man!

Basic structure of society (distribution of wealth)[edit]

They have more money than you. Barstools.

Capitalism's evils[edit]

Its made of rice jello. If that doesn't turn you off capitalism then you must be a dollar symbol.

Most Famous Capitalist Countries[edit]

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