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This article is moosely in content, and has attracted the attention of Observer.


edit: edit: edit: edit; yay im on laughing gass and imm so hiiggh hohohohohohohihhjjjjgghhhh

woo doowee sadra dowe sada doe sda ndofuritjgngzgzoozugzfoiuopfzdfpudfodifups


aer we talking about samsams again?

so i like dooweeeeeeee

because samsams

teh ended.

DEDIT::: THIS IS NOT vandalisM!°¡¿

Likluu is staring behind me, she too imhaled a N2O mask on her nose, and she is saying "boooooooooooooooooom~~"

Now she is snory and sleppy :C

Please clock the Kelp button for absolute ly no help deesk whatsoever.

I am a drunk ---vandal--- FAIR EDITOR!!! cool stickmain------> (;D)K

well this has basically no effect on the topic so i guess you can keep talking about dowee and samsams while i have a nitrogen orgy.

um!m Cubix The Dragon Slayer Three (talk) 02:12, 22 Octodest 2015 (UTC)

Go get your pervy old self onto youtube and have a link. :33<

This isnt a rickroll lmao¡