Dark Earth

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Dark Earth[edit]

A cold planet on the far reaches of the meme galaxy, which may or not be where we are.


The Geography of this cold planet is almost identical to earth, only flipped upside-down then thrown against a wall and flipped upside-up.

The trees are made of burritos, the grass is made of weed, the air is 90% Memes 9% oxygen 0.5% nitrogen and 0.5% dead memes (they don't like it when memes die)

Important geological features[edit]

The tallest Mountain is: Mt. Tall Hill

The largest ocean is: The big body of water over there

The largest continent is: East Wisconsin

The largest meme is: Fiery Meme (talk) 14:34, 20 Ditzimber 2017 (UTC)

The most shameless self advertisement is the one above this

Its Solar system[edit]

The solar system it dark earth is in does not have a star, making people on the planets want to explode there toilets. However, the do revolve around a gigantic asteroid, and they do get heat from there nearest star, the small bright thingy in the sky

The 5 Planets in order are:

Planet Mcplanet face

Pluto (WHO SAYS ITS NOT A PLANET!!!!!!!!!!)

Dark Earth

That planet over there

Very cold planet

Planet the author can't count


ITs lIKE EarTH bUT CoLDEr aND iS a dEAD mEMe

Why is it important?[edit]

Because the stupid people that live in Super Japan decide to teach it in 13th grade.

Quotes made about it[edit]


Why am I being interviewed?

~ A Sane Person (You don't see many of those these days)