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“I pity the fool who thinks Super Japan is better than Ultra Japan!”

~ Mr. T on Super Japan
zupaa jipangu
National Flag
Isn't it GREAT?
Motto: They're attacking AGAIN?! *sigh*
Official languages Super Japanese, Mute Bird, OMG OMG OMG, Very Good English
Race %75 Super Japanese; %20 Super Canadian, %4.999 Minorities, %0.001 Subbuteoan (KOS)
Religion Godism, Godmis, Scientificality
Deities Wally, Amaterasu, Cola Can, Linux
Opening hours Monday–Saturday from dawn 'til midnight, Friday is ladies' night
Independence Forever
National anthem "Step up, Subbuteo!" by The Backstreet Boy Toys
Natural Resources Giant trout, Hindleyite clones, Chicken fighters, Sushi
Official Cuisine Momonga Sushi, Tataroo Grass, Wikipedia, Juice Crystals
National bird The Dee Jay
Capital City Peeonu

Super Japan is the home of every superhero that exists, except for The Sulk and Red Mage. Super Japan is located on a very tiny island northwest of Illogicainen, that drifts ever so slowly to Illogicainen. It is where Silent Penguin was born, in Peeonu. Super Japan has no psychical appearance, because it is in the Forgotten Realms. Which explains the lack of a picture or even a psychical banana.

Lingo[edit | edit source]

Some examples of the Super Japanese language:

Englais Super Japanese
"Hi." "Hello"
"Heal." "Hael"
"Do you speak Super Japanese?" "Speak Super Japan?"
"Fries and a coke, please." "Sushi platter with Tacofish restaurant sir"

Notable People Who Live, Are From, Were Born In or Vacationed For At Least Three Hours in Super Japan[edit | edit source]