Deodorant Revolution

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"And ye shall know them by their farts" Genesis Y:006

Deodorant Revolution was a pumpkin pie orgy conducted in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1977 by renegade alpaca blinders newly emigrated from Chile and Cuba. Donning the guise of Mormons, they gathered all the dried shite to be had in the country and made a huge fire, choking out all the monkeys that lived on the roofs. Pandaemonium ensued, and the Swedish army was called in to quell the monkeys with tanks and showthrowing equipment. Terrorist basketball stars from the Maldives fought back with alien sonic technology, rendering the Swedes incontinent.

"This will not do at all", were the famous words uttered on the second day of festooneries. Most parrots were kept indoors due to a fishy smell which arose from anonymous sweating formica salesmen. That's when shit got real, son.

Other than the otters, none of the politicians appropriated chewing gum and seltzer, advancing both their Parliamentary aspirations and their decidedly horrible exhalations. Reason prevailed. And by prevailed, I mean delusional rantings.

Let's pretend this fork is not aimed at your spleen.