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A dessert is a meal for cowards who cannot handle protein and do not deserve sikk gains, bro. Not to be confused with a desert (count the s's, people), a dessert is not usually made from sand, although this is not always the case in the USA and other third world countries.

History of the Dessert[edit | edit source]

In 1826, Robert Baruffio of Sweden, a noted paleoarcheologist, declared that he was bored of eating Brussels sprouts, the national dish of Belgium. He summoned his wife from her ladychamber where she had been sewing (having a brain was illegal for women of the time) and asked her to fix the problem. According to several sources [citation needed] she slapped him about the face, told him to grow up, and went off to become Lady Esmerelda Falchion, the first person to swim to the moon solo. In frustration at his loneliness, Baruffio ate half a gallon of ice cream after his dinner and pretended this was a normal thing to do -- ice cream had, until this point in history, been used solely as antifreeze and was not considered fit for human consumption. The fashion for eating something potentially toxic and definitely bad for you after eating something that tastes like crap but is somehow supposed to be wholesome spread, and the dessert was born.

Notable Desserts[edit | edit source]

  • Cockroach Flan
  • your mum
  • substances
  • Bulleted List Item