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Now I've stopped anyone else using Your Mother as the title of an article! Hehe. Muhehehe. Mweheheheheee!!1!

I bet some corn wallace had that in mind. What, no corn? Very well, make that some corm. Anyway, I am that Mr. Corn Wallace. Here's my card: Garglefluff. More cheese, Gromit? No? Why not? Too "cheesy", you say? Aaargh!

I can't stand it! All this... this outrageous cacaphony of nose-patterns on the wall! I'll show you; I'll scrub you away!


What!? The nose pattern turned into an orange 50 foot purple question mark with gargling bees growing on it! I... I am so unbelievably saddened to hear this; it should have been mumbling at regular intervals!

Bah! No matter! I will just eat these rocks instead, mm mm, oh wait, these are commas, oh, no, i, spilled, the, commas, everywhere, well, darn, diddly, doorknob, this, is, annoying.


Analysis of the 'your mother' trend[edit | edit source]

“Stepadder, shoulderblade, rednose, hardwork sucks, sword and the stone, rosepetal soup, thornology, wang, wildberries, pi, foodstuffs, childhood obesity, Old MacDonald had a farm, Miss America, George Bush sucks, berries (again - I ain't editing it twice wang), thorn - yeah, inventive, nose, soiled nappies, bedrest, sleepy eyes, dreamy sky pi, mindless slaughter, headboy, homosexuality - t'is bad, flagpole rape, starfishses, skydiving, paperplane, tools belong to Super America, bladder.”

~ Psychiatrist on on the philosophy of the 'Your Mother' joke

And there we haven't it.

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