Ding dong

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DING DONG! DING DONG! I'd like to sing a song SING SONG! SING SONG! While playing ping pong PING PONG! PING PONG!

I'm goin' downtown
I'm gonna see my gal
I'm gonna sing her a song
I'm gonna show her my ding dong

~ Blind Melon Chitlin

The moon has just cracked open, so you gonna be da man and sort it out like Tony Blair?

You've got options, you know. Come on, think fast!

  1. Flick it
  2. Dip it
  3. Dunk it
  4. All three four

GOOD options, now here's others...

  1. Plant a bomb on a majestic flying pig
  2. Don't
  3. Do
  4. Don't
  5. Do

This is the ONLY realistic option to go for...

  1. Death.

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