Dissociative Identity Disorder

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I am Larry Quinn.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is also known as "The Split Personality Thingy". It is a rare disorder that makes those who have it, act like multiple people and it may drastically affect their lives.

Wait, who is Larry Quinn? I am Marty Chamberson. This is weird. I don't remember writing this.

Man... Lately I've just like, awoken from a sleep in a different place that I went to bed... I wake up more tired than I was when I went to bed... Sheesh. What? Who moved the furniture? This is so strange.

What the hell? Who are these people? Larry Quinn? Marty Chamberson? Well, I'm not neither of them. I am Vernon Holly. I am... well was a car salesman until... I don't know... I was missing hours and... I just don't remember why. It seems I'd go to bed at 11:00pm and I'd wake up at 10:00pm the next day but I was still tired... Wow... Who rearranged the furniture? Dammit! This is the 5th time this week. Ugh.. What site is this anyway? Illogicopedia? Wha? I've never been on here before... What the hell? Why is it bookmarked?

Huh? Illogicopedia? I don't remember this....

What happened? Who added to this article? Who is Marty Chamberson? Who's Vernon Holly? I started writing this and... I don't know. I just; blacked out.