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Dodrant, often mistaken for deodorant from those not in the know, is a highly addictive jelly substance that can be found sold in the deepest darkest alleyways of the Bronx.

Chemical composition[edit | edit source]

Spermine 80%
Weed 30%
Cocaine 60%
Faerie droppings 10%

what it do[edit | edit source]

take the risk

This stuff makes you shit balls and trip bricks. It scrambles your random access memory and corrupts your system 32, scrambles your atoms, phase out of reality. slam your head into balls, suck walls, phase into other realities, phase back into this reality, die, see god, come back to life, have the meaning of life, whoop dust, eat ass, do the worm. Then you continue working like nothing happened.

The invention[edit | edit source]

Dodrant was invented in 1789 because teenagers had to find a good way to hide their drugs from parents and teachers. They decided on a jelly like substance in a deodorant canister. Back then deodorant canisters were made from sharp, abrasive metal and could be used as a razor, multi purpose am I right?