Doowey Mcadamn

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This is a common animal of the Samosus Mcdonald's genus.

Doowee Mcdonalds is some psychotic child/cacodemon who thinks he is a M4573R D373C71V3 plus 1NV3N70R plus H4XX0R, and is always seen in the public of Little Bombay getting high on samosas.


Dewey usually prefers a samsam (ididiot it's a samousa) every now and then!!!!!!!!!!

Pervy Doowy[edit]

Doody has also been seen as a pervert, sneaking into the bathrooms of unsuspecting people/slave children/Muslims/squids and scaring the shoot out of them. This has been highly approved by the fanbase, making Doowee McAdam (as well as the fanbase) some of the most unloved characters of the SB: SD saga.

Doodoo McFatam shows his pervy side.