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You on samosas.
You without samosas.

“You made me drop my samosa!”

~ Dewey Doowee MacAdam on dropping his samosa

Samosas are the official food of awesome. They are the best food on the planet, inability to enjoy samosas makes you a very stange person indeed because really what's not to love? Samosas have been scientifically and analytically proven to be at least four times as addictive as lab grade opiates and packed with at least fifty times more foody goodness than two dozen hamburgers.

Mainly they are made up of triangular pastry thingies which I would gladly trade all of my lunch for. They're also particularly popular in Little Bombay, and in the basement where they receive significant attention from physicists, detectives, inventors, mechanics, h4xx0rz and forensic scientists.

Sometimes, they make brief yet notable cameos in music videos.



  • Samosas Ingredients, which is pastry and the warm soft stuff inside.


  • Chop the ingredients finely, then process them somehow and wrap in pastry then cook them somehow. Microwavable packets.
  • Eat

Why they are the best[edit]

Because that MacAdam guy likes them.


  • He's a really, really nice guy.
  • Offering him some will probably make him even nicer.
  • Samosas contain significant amounts of the aforementioned quality of awesome.


Make some now![edit]

No, seriously do it now.

Okay then, I'll make some IRISH STEW!


...and for the entree, samosas!


General effects of samosas.

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