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Voluntarily signed out a bowl of crackers today. They were happy to see it spin around: firework.

Not that they mind work, they just get around it somewhere. You know that thing you dress burgers with?.............. Yes thats it: waterspots! They make it in plastic jugs.....

Anyway, they dont hate work, no? ...... They have time to spare on necessaries... .. . . they were ontop of the rays when I told them they were going to mertons. Its A nice town and they all behave like animals. Which can annoy you. But it's good to see them walking on pads for once. I crammed to them a joke ontop of the bus but they laughed so loudly. It was enough to anger the people underground. Not that they mould it. Maybe they like stressing out down there. It was volga ontop anyway I can say that with none.

When they arrived the apples went off. and we had to take the basket to the coast and wash it out. Pleasant, by their standards of diving.

Anywar, they had Volga pies and pepsi on the crumbles, Around a number of wheelchairs. Good furday we hadn't a chance to sleep on our way home. The bus supervisor had us down for black magic. Well.. that's another story!!!1