Driver 3 cheats

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Cheats for Driver 3.

Adam Sandler[edit | edit source]

Start in Istanbul with the default car, default starting point. This will only work if you have not killed any Timmy Vermicelli's yet. Drive straight until you see a taxi. When you do, jump out of your car. You will float around for a minute and then teleport to South Africa. A giant 40 metre high Timmy will jump out with a Mac 11. You must kill him with the silenced handgun within 1 second. If you do, you will return to Istanbul as Adam Sandler speaking Afrikaans.

The Bagelmobile[edit | edit source]

Start in Miami, at the starting point at Tanner's house. Shoot everything in sight, get into your car and go to the Mortain Mall. Smash everything up in there then die somehow. You will then be in hell and will find the bagelmobile in front of SATAN!

Kermit the frog[edit | edit source]

To see Kermit the Frog, put your console or PC in a box, run over the box, drive to the Grand canyon, drop it off the canyon into a car crusher then nuke the car crusher. You will now be so angry I made you do this you will hallucinate and see Kermit the Frog.