Dump truck

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“My mommy bought me a helmet!”

~ Silent Penguin on Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks are things that go boomshakalaka when you plant pipe bombs in them. They like to sing David Bowie songs. O noes! It is a Tube Spock! I made a house out of dirt. Dump truckers are angry 'cuz I eeted their nachozz. Hi, my name is Coffee Black. I eat babies. Just kidding! I only eat cats. I left a dead raccoon in your mailbox. I hope you know that SKADOOSH!

Mathematical formula for dump trucks[edit | edit source]

Dump Trucks in their natural habitats[edit | edit source]

“No daddy! Not the belt!”

~ Little Timmy on Dump Trucks

Dump trucks live the the far western corner of the world, living in Asia, and south America at the same exact time, while they speak Belgium(?)