Dunno Brothers

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The Dunno Brothers are a duo known for their intelligent conversation regarding aspects of modern society. For example:

I. Dunno: See that tree over there?
U. Dunno: Yeah?
Long pause
I. Dunno: What time does it come on?
U. Dunno: Don't know.

Or, to take another example, the time when U. Dunno was employed as a weatherman:

Newsreader: In the news today, natural disaster, terrorism and death. Over to Bob with the weather. Bob?
U. Dunno: Yeah?
Newsreader: What's the weather for today?
Newsreader: Any clouds this morning?
U. Dunno: Don't know.

Or, when the brothers hosted their own game show:

Host: Q. What is the capital of England?
Contestant: Urm. London?
Host: Incorrect, the answer is... Don't know.