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Triggered-mr-meaty.png WARNING: This article is actually legit f**ked-up.
Read on at your own discretion.
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Society shuns Roadrunner for instance because it looks crap.

Society is a bunch of people with knives sharpening them and waiting for the inevitable end of society itself. When that happens then we be well buggered innit blud?

Structure[edit | edit source]

If you want to be a civilised society then you need to straighten yerself up and fly right. I did and now I'm thrusting a lollipop into the left hand side and wishing I'd knew about all this lefting to the right earlier, like. Anyways being non society is being an emo.

Size[edit | edit source]

Bad image. Society caused it, not Shakespeare. Well to a large part yes but not Shakespeare. Ali G was in this ere house.

Society is huge. As I was sipping a cup of espresso one day and looked at society I realised just how freaking huge it is. God almighty, it's like bigger than er... your mum. Then it went blank and my memory had been wiped, most likely by society, take that society you fool. Its supermassiveorama.

Society as a sausage[edit | edit source]

Carrots have integrated well into our society.

Hmm, yummy. Just wait a sec while I eat this, wait. ...... . . . . OWCH! WTF WAS THAT? Oh Richard Hammond's stubble is in this sussie. Oh wells.

Carrots[edit | edit source]

The only thing that has truly integrated into our humble but violent, corrupt society is unsurprisingly the carrot. Let's face it - anyone would prefer carrots to Jews, Muslims, Christians or faggots. YEAH RACISM HELLALOOYAH! I feel blessed by the almighty lord of racist bigots.

Yes, the carrot arrived in Britain in about 1965 and continued being carrot hookers for us until the freedom for carrots movement (1986). I like like carrots for their lack of organs, that means we can do things to them. YEY for 'crats. Eat em up or you could go deaf.

Sree alsow[edit | edit source]