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Eek is the sound a girl makes when a spider mysteriously appears on her head.


See above.

When to use it?[edit]

If Freddy Krueger pops out of your kitchen sink, if he claws you, if he is in your imagination, if ugly people scare you, if you get put in a mental home, if you can't get the new australian mcdonald's bacon song out of your head.

Freddy Krueger is ugly![edit]

Yep. Very ugly.

Why didn't he get a skin graft after being burnt?[edit]

Who knows. Maybe he was lazy.

What does he have to do with eek?[edit]

He's weird and freaky and if he is in your house then that's not good.

Who the hell is he?[edit]

You don't want to know. Let's just say he's evil, very evil...

EEEKKK!!! HE'S IN ME HOUSE!!!![edit]

Have a good time in heaven!

Can you shut up now?[edit]

Yes. End Article.

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