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An artist's impression of a flying tree over the city of Babylon

Flying trees are the second most common species of trees (after spider trees, of course). They can fly, not because they have wings, but because they can fly. That is why they have wings. What they end up as soon when they retire and shed the wings.

Their wings are the fact that they can fly. See the tree? See it fly? It has wings. That makes it fly. The tree with wings, it flies, when it has flying wings on trees above the flies and winging treeness.

In conclusion, don't do drugs.[1]

The Life Cycle of a Flying Tree[edit]

not many flying trees survive puberty

Flying trees have reproductive organs that look alot like birds nests, and they hatch out of little eggs that look like acorns, only with little helicopter hats on them. They fall out of their trees, and take root just long enough to grow to maturity, then they fly away to find other trees with attractive nests in their upper branches to repeat the cycle.

A pretty picture of a flying tree[edit]

So Preeeeeeeety!


  1. (Or else the trees will begin to fly and mop the floor with you! Then Chuck Norris will mop the floor with you! Then your arms will be replaced by flippers and you will not be able to speak!

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