Elevator Magician

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The elevator magician is a rare phenomenon which usually appears when you're stuck in a lift with about fifty other people and some numbnut decides to push every single button on the control panel, whilst everyone else - including you - wants to go to the ninety-ninth floor. If you look very closely at the space between the crowds she will appear from nothingness, claiming she needed to access the ninety-ninth floor also, which is rather silly considering she could have just teleported there in the first place. It shouldn't come as a surprise that everyone was living on the ninety-ninth floor because there are only thirty people in your entire township and ninety-seven of those ninety-nine floors are probably abandoned.

She will then approach the control panel and cite a magical incantation in order to get there, even if her actual lack of magic prowess is the elephant in the room - literally. The elephant is so huge it almost asphyxiates the crowd as its sheer mass pushes them against the elevator walls. Quickly, she needs to devise a plan of attack, defence, and goal-scoring. Managing to shrink the elephant down to the size of a grapefruit, she looks up another incantation in her book of things-she-made-up-in-just-that-instant. The button for the ninety-ninth floor lights up promisingly, and the elevator continues its constant drive upwards.

Until suddenly, from within the elevator, Evel Knievel notices the sounds of rocketfire.

The elevator and its rockets smash through the roof of the building and into outer space, shortly headed for the Moon.