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This article was not written by Japanese people.
They'd have written an articre in Engrish.
  I saw a Japanese guy saying, "Soorii, wii donto speeku Ingrishu."  
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Japs preparing for world domination.

LOL! WTF is up with the Japs eh? LOSERS!

Ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja... I can't finish the frucking Sentence[edit | edit source]

That's because you are not a Jap, therefore you are not the chosen one. Japs are the Japinist people in the world and nobody can outjap them!

'Cept Jappy the jap, jap. Maybe thats making things too complicated for your simple mind. You need a mind fill.

  1. Japaneese history is very complex and... oh I just died of non-complexity.
  2. Ja-ja-ja-jachoo! Oh scuse me, its that virus that makes you Jap yourself. Sniff. Anyway as I was saying japs are OK.

What I hate bout Japs[edit | edit source]

  1. They like to eat baby rabbits' ears
  2. They like to eat babies
  3. They ate baby Jesus
  4. They suck big time bananas

What I like bout em'[edit | edit source]

  1. Their social Darwinist perspective.

... It's a good idea speak in Japanese?[edit | edit source]

それは良い考えです。 (Sore wa yoi kangaedesu)