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Dearest petunia, are you wel?!

Welp. Welp one day it was in a hole the next day it was in a peanut shell. Since the p.

Dearest Petunia Wel,[edit | edit source]

Have you ever wondered what an envelope was? well it is! You see one time I was walking down the street and saw one. I was astonished by the fact that I found half an envelope! So the envelope was soggy.

Inside there was a note. The note said:

"So I meet a cowbrain in second avenue? Well yes you do! Go left from the spot you are standing then go right then left then north two steps then go right and then left and then turn backwards. Go two steps and you will be back where you started! This is the place where I buried a cow with treasure! So dig!"

Yes I did not![edit | edit source]

I dug until I gud. It was not as deep as you'd think I immediately found the spell- check to my computer!!!! so it was happy and we celebrated. We went to the diner. I loved the diner. I ate dinner there with my computer. But we couldnt get a good seat..... the only seat with an outlet nearby sucked. And we ate vegetable.


So we didn't eat cheese until it was time to eat dairy products. The chairs were large. But we couldn't eat them. I love flamingos.

I was at the market.[edit | edit source]

OHMYGEE! ANOTher ScoRRe for penopls!

Then we went to the place I was digging at.[edit | edit source]

My spellcheck is smart. It knows when i am smart. Apparently the place i was in wasnt smart. The ground starting screaming PAcAck! I guess spell check has the duck sense. So I kept digging. Not only was I digging... I was digging in the rain. I didn't need to dig in the rain.... but i wanted to for the cool effect. I was already 500 miles into the earth. Sadly my computer couldn't take it. It went back up. I no longer had spell check. I was sad. So nwo i dotn no wat im doing. I can't spell anymore. BUT THEN I GOT A COLLEGE EDUCATION FROM MOLES!

I am smart now.[edit | edit source]

I dug down more until I discovered I read the directions wrong on the note in the envelope. It said that I was supposed to take three steps backwards. OH NOO! well. It is too late now. I must keep going i just might dig a step backwards. But... when I did that it caved in! I was then stuck in the cave. BUT....

Stuck in cave.jpg

MY COMPUTER SAVED ME!!!!![edit | edit source]

Yes. we then went up to the place. and I found the treasure and cow. It turns out it was actually 5 feet under. not 5 miles or more.....

Well its not it. I took a. I took a, one!


What happened with the money no cow.[edit | edit source]

The moles died. I was sad. I was at their funerals. They died in a car accident. It was actually a not a car accident. there are no cars under ground, only ducks and moles.Oh ya and other stuff. Also moles can't drive. Oh. That might be why there was a crash. Notice I am typing in short sentences? Well those are simple sentences. OH NO I BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE A TEACHER!

Actually, the cow and treasure stuff was in a brief case. I like cases that are brief. Long cases are to big. One could say that they are Gib. Well me and my spell check computer went to a restaurant again. However my computer had an accident. While drinking its wine.... it spilled some wine all over the keyboard. Now I can't typ-