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Uncyc failed to load! Epic fail!
This is Ryan. EPIC FAIL!!!!

Ever tried to open the fridge but when you did the food fell out on you or the floor? EPIC FAIL!!

“To fail is to learn, and... OMFG!! That guy just fell on his face!! EPIC FAIL!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on failure

Epic Fail is used when a failure of epic proportions is witnessed. It should be yelled at the top of the voice about 3 inches from the ear of the Epic Failer.

“I shall go to the top of the hill and fetch a bucket of water. EPIC PAIL!!”

~ Jack on fetching a pail of water

“Let's create Sheffield Wednesday. EPIC FAIL!!”

~ The F.A. on SWFC

“Look at all thos struggling Dyslexics, EKIP FAYL!!!”

~ A Special Needs Coordinator

“Hey Look, a curtain! EPIC VEIL!!”

~ Ryan on curtains

“Mailman: Mail failed to deliver to your mom EPIC MAIL!!”

~ That annoying mailmaster guy on hotmail on that really important mail you sent just then.

“LOL hitler shot himselfs lololololulwut? EPIC FAIL!!”

~ Hitler's wife on hitler

“Wow, that woman is old, EPIC FRAIL!!”

“Wow, this hammer isn't big enough...EPIC NAIL!!”

~ A builder on larger than life building materials

“Wow, this bread is really old; EPIC STALE!”

~ A McDonalds customer shortly before dying of indigestion

“Look at all those hungry Africans, EPIC FAIL!!!”

~ Testicles on shaky moral ground

Error Message.png

Design for "Space Saving Lamp". EPIC FAIL!
Testostereich failed to log in! EPIC FAIL!
"Look, that window has two robots in clothes standing behind it. How crazy is that?!? Oh wait, that's a mirror".
"Winthorpe, you are such an epic failure. Why don't you leave me alone."
Wackypedia commited suicide! Epic Fail!!!

Epic Fails are thought by Failsperts to be directly linked to the quantity of people purchasing Egg Cards across the globe. This is blatantly not true because the number of EPIC FAILS far outstrips the number of times the Failsperts have been right. EPIC FAIL! egg cards ever bought ('cause we all know Egg cards are only useful in making omlettes for your worst enemies).

“Let's see, 2 Ds, 4 Fs and 5 Us. EPIC FAIL!!!”

~ A mother on her son's GCSE results - ooooo disOWNAGE!!! Lololwut?

“Lol that guy's having a seizure, EPILECTIC FAIL!!”

~ A soon to be fired doctor

“Woo I finally finished reading the extended oxford dictionary, an EPIC TALE!!”

~ An Illogicopedian on articles of epic length

Accurate records of most epic fails can be found on Youtube - often with full internet histories of the Epic Failure's past epic failures. The police are noted of keeping tabs on said failures, so they too can channel this comedy goldmine. Taser guns and batons are often utilised by the copsters whilst uprooted CCTV and speed cameras record the footage. Complaints of the resultant increase in bank robbery and road rage were brought forward but all critics were silenced when the police swept home 7 Oscars and a Golden Globe for their amateur documentary Hot Fuzz.

The politically correctn't term "Epic Fail" is often remembered by grammartictal failures as a simple phrase. It is common knowledge thought by correctsperts to take years of practice for these failures to even learn the first word of the analogy:


“I am disabled!! EPIC FAIL!!”

“LOL my son came out of the closet lolwut EPIC FAIL!! Wait, wut?”

~ A dad on EPIC FAIL

EPIC FAIL can also be caused by ignoring the rules set out in our various how to articles. But do not read them, they are EVIL!! EPIC EVIL!! Following their advice will lead to world hunger spreading across Germany!! EPIC GERMANY!! EPIC!!

“Racism is a growing problem in today's society. ETHNIC FAIL!!”

~ The head of the department of racism on racism

“I love going game hunting... OMG look at the size of that... EPIC QUAIL!

~ Prince Harry

“Geodude fainted. EPIC SHALE!!”

~ The head of the department of racism on racism

This article epicfailed to be completed, lol. The End.

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