Everybody will die.

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Some die earlier than even they expected.

Everybody will die. It is fact that we cannot change.

We may die brutally, or in cold blood, or calmy, peacefully, but we cannot change the fact that we will all die.

Yes, that's right. Even me and you. And you and me. And your whole family, your father and your mother, and your grandfather.

No wait, he's already dead.

Which is stressing my point that everybody will die.

LIKE YOU. For all your sins, Death will grab you and bring him to your Un-Sin room, where you have to work for hours on end to repay your sins until...you die.

You too. Stop looking at me. Loiterers will be punished. YOU'LL ALL BE PUNISHED.

Just you wait. Hey, you. YOU TOO. Stop looking at me. Didn't i just say loiterers will be punished?


Did I or did I not? Hmm? HMM? Why are you not answering? For not answering, that is a sin. And for that, you will go to the Un-Sin room.