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  1. Did you know that due to the cosmological pressure on the stratosphere, solar beams constantly penetrate to our optic nerve systems?
  2. Were you aware that certain species, dating back further than the protozaic period, have gained the ability to prevent complete natural degeneration for longer than 1/millionth of a second?
  3. Had it crossed your mind that a certain brand of informational computation unit which has taken its name from the species of plant Malus pumila has gained relative superiority over other manufacturers?
  4. 1,234,567 bananas were killed in the Second Boer War.
  5. The first helicopter was designed by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
  6. In reality, Alice never owned a looking-glass.
  7. Cats hate water but love fish.
  8. Crushing grapes will lead to whining.
  9. Purple is the opposite of orange.
  10. A pound of butter weighs more than a pound of feathers.
  11. In Venezuela, teeth are used as a form of currency.
  12. Cucumbers taste better pickled.
  13. The human brain is invisible.
  14. The Walrus was Jim Morrison.
  15. Glue is made entirely of dog hair.
  16. The human body contains 23 bones.
  17. All poets are illiterate.
  18. Dean Moriarty is immortal.
  19. The cake is a lie.
  20. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
  21. GLaDOS will fill your room with neurotoxin tonight.
  22. Nothing is true.
  23. Everything is permitted.
  24. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
  25. Most werewolves are vegetarians.
  26. Wood is made of metal.
  27. The hair-bone is connected to the head-bone.
  28. Monkeys love to dig shallow graves.
  29. Blood is thicker than root beer.
  30. What goes up, never comes down.
  31. Every good boy deserves fudge.
  32. 4chan is a perfectly respectable website full of normal, well-adjusted members of modern society.
  33. There is someone standing right behind you right now.
  34. You smell bad.
  35. You are ugly.
  36. All writers are blind.
  37. In space no one can hear you sneeze.
  38. Pink Floyd is the greatest chicken farmer on the airplane.
  39. The toaster has been laughing at you and the VCR is plotting to kill you.
  40. Melting towns have no souls.
  41. We all scream for ice cream.
  42. Rats live on no evil star.
  43. There is a killer in your house.
  44. Zombies ate your neighbors.
  45. That life always begins on Junction 20 of the M62.
  46. The moon is just the back of the sun.
  47. You can never go home again.
  48. Stork is a really crummy butter substitute that should only be used by tramps.
  49. The number 23 is magic.
  50. The number 42 is the answer.
  51. Katy Perry rhymes with Smelly Berry.
  52. Katy Perry can shoot whip cream out of her nipples.
  53. Katy Perry can melt your popsicle.
  54. I'm not your daddy, I'm your grandpa.
  55. These boots are made for walking.
  56. Glenn Beck is not the same as Beck.
  57. The iPhone has enough power to blow the back of a man’s head off.
  58. The government puts robots in your drinking water.
  59. icarly is reading your emails.
  60. Your IP address is over 9000.
  61. Reading makes you stupid.
  62. Illogicopedia is the only true source of truth on the Internet.
  63. Hitler had a dog named Jewy McJewJew.

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