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Your yellow window is not passing a spaceship by my nose but you cannot see the uncoke of the moneycake in your lolderfs. I find you have freed the pedia-trician from the jaws of Roberto but have left his patients behind.

PRAISE WIKICODE FOR IT WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE PENGUIN OF SILENCE! It will not save you from the werewolves of deletion, though they are long past due, the moon stolen by the ravages of time and apathy.
All are welcome within the squishy love of the giant green centipede as do I lick the stone from the top of an irish tower; your mother will not bake a cookie within it's walls.

Why leave you the pedia-trician empty? It craves patients with it's infinite patience. You leave the stars within a lonely and empty place nobody can visit within your heart as it was led astray by the founding flour of your happy mother's cookie sale.
Your house will not stop the incoming missiles, they are made of celery and lovely with dip. Praise them for they are your salvation from the infidelity of the chocolate candy come Christmas. There is peace and serenity in the light because no children will hug you when you are a sad lonely puppy, you cannot welcome all the light of the mind for the darkness will drive away all you love and care about while bringing you good fortune and golden bananas, several of them. The bananas are required to feed the fires of the mountain, it does not love you but you can sacrifice your sister's first born to it when it comes around to the hovering volcano. Welcome all the volcano, it will bring you harmony as it slowly burns you alive - nothing so sweet as immolation, it says, and you believe it, for you believe nothing else, and nothing else matters but the warm glow of the volcano's sweet pomegranate juice. Pummel the tank says Rommel, fire the cannon to take a photograph, it will bring you a John Hurley.

And so, I concludey, more plebs are needed.

--Flyingidiot (talk) 00:42, 18 Ditzimber 2014 (UTC)

I praise you for unleashing your inner gentleman. Where can I find this helpful guide on cassette? Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 06:14, 18 Ditzimber 2014 (UTC)